Music for Memories

The ability to process, respond to and engage with music remains intact for all those living with dementia, no matter the severity of their diagnosis.  Hosted by Tony Brannon, ‘Music for Memories’ encourages participation through singing and dancing to favourite songs and Bermuda classics. Family and care providers are encouraged to attend too. Join Tony each Monday on Zoom and Thursday in person at 11am. Click here for full details.


Actively Ageing Seated Chair Exercises

With a focus on improving balance, strength, co-ordination, energy levels and mobility alongside a healthy dose of fun, join Frances for her 30 minute Seated Chair Exercise program designed specifically for those living with dementia. Join Frances every Tuesday. Click here for full details.


Music Therapy with Hayley 

Did you know that music has been shown to be more effective than medication reducing anxiety and agitation and increasing happiness and engagement – even in people with very advanced dementia? That’s why we absolutely love our Music with Hayley class which elevates mood, improves speech through singing and encourages exercise through dancing. Join Hayley every WednesdayClick here for full details.


Art with Kendra

Creative activities like art can offer a fun, relaxing opportunity for non-verbal expression, particularly valuable for people living with dementia.  Renowned local artist, Kendra Earls, hosts an art workshop for AAD creating art through different mediums like watercolour, acrylic or pastels. Why not bring a picnic to enjoy afterwards as you tour the gallery and explore the Botanical Gardens on foot. Art with Kendra generally takes place once a month. Click here for full details.