Worldwide, 50-million people live with dementia—an estimated 1,000 in Bermuda alone. Dementia costs to the economy are more than cancer and heart disease combined, yet research is underfunded and many nations, including Bermuda, are ill-prepared for the growing impact of dementia on families, employers, the public health system, social assistance programmes, and indeed, on the entire community.


Founded in 2012, AAD works to advocate for those living with dementia in Bermuda; increase general public awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias; and forge links between the public, medical community, care homes, and government. AAD also works in practical ways to help those with dementia by:

  • supporting dementia-specific training for employees in healthcare settings
  • providing resources, emotional support and financial assistance to people living with dementia (medications, respite care, medical equipment)
  • identifying and helping people with dementia who are living alone with no caregiver or advocates
  • hosting monthly support-group meetings
  • providing dementia-specific games, puzzles and therapies to care homes and private homes
  • providing occupational therapy services, including safety assessments and care planning
  • organising and funding weekly activities in the community, including art, music and animal therapy