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Mission & History

The mission of the Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia is to provide support, services and education to individuals, families and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in Bermuda.


AAD was founded in 2012 by our President Elizabeth Stewart whose mother lived with Alzheimer’s disease from 2004-2012 and had been diagnosed at the age of 67. At that time, there was little information available and nowhere to turn for support.  Her goal was to make sure that no other family living with Alzheimer’s disease would have to go through the journey alone.


AAD was created to be that resource for families in their time of need. We provide support and assistance to callers, along with connecting them to local resources on the island. To help individuals the charity has support group meetings each month and provide a range of in person and zoom activities which includes music, games, art and movement.


AAD has also worked with professional caregivers and dementia-care settings to provide them with additional training and education to elevate the level of care they provide on a daily basis. AAD through the Dementia Training Company UK, has trained and educated more than 250 individuals including formal and informal caregivers, first responders (Police & Fire) along with those working at King Edward Hospital.