Occupational Therapy


The overarching goal of occupational therapy when working with the dementia population is to optimise independence and quality of life throughout the disease process. AAD provides in-home and facility-based occupational therapy assessment and intervention. Services include: functional assessment of the client, risk assessment, environmental safety assessment, determination of care requirements, caregiver training, client engagement, and support and education to individuals with dementia and their family members.


Following a successful pilot project, Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia will be offering free Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) sessions to individuals with mild to moderate stage dementia. CST is used worldwide and is recommended as part of a standard treatment protocol for dementia by the UK National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE). Research studies have demonstrated that CST can benefit cognitive skills, mood and quality of life of individuals with dementia. The CST program consists of 12 small group sessions (maximum 10 participants) held over a 6 week period. Sessions cover a range of activities to stimulate thinking, memory & social skills i.e. discussing current news stories, activities that facilitate creative expression, and practical tasks required for independent living. This intervention provides an opportunity for clients to challenge themselves in a safe space, and to connect with others experiencing memory issues. If you feel you would benefit from CST, or you would like to learn more about other support services offered by AAD, please contact Marie Fay (Occupational Therapist) at 707-0600 or mlfayot@gmail.com.


Marie Fay

Occupational Therapist

Specialising in dementia-care services, Marie provides occupational therapy services for AAD. A Bermudian, she graduated in 2003 from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and discovered her passion for dementia care while working at the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. At AAD, she works closely with Bermuda families to complete functional assessments, environmental safety assessments, determine care requirements, conduct caregiver training, and provide support and education to individuals with dementia and their families.