Finding a good Dementia Care Home


If you’re looking for a care home for a relative, friend or loved one, it’s probably because you have experienced a crisis...
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Private Care Help


Bermuda has several private organisations from which you can hire caregivers. Rates range from around $25 to $35 per hour (the latter is usually a public holiday or Sunday rate).

Before hiring a caregiver, be sure to ask the agency if the candidate works for other organisations, or if they are solely working for that company. AAD has found that some employees hold down two or more jobs, with care agency work acting as supplemental income. Make it a priority to find out details of your caregiver’s work hours to ensure they enter your home fresh, rested and ready to provide the best care possible. Ask to see references and ask what knowledge or experience they have about caring for someone with dementia.

Bermuda At Home Services (BAHS)

Caregiving services for seniors and children, plus cleaning services.
Owner – Josephine Bean
(441) 541-2247

Atlantic Caregiving (Bermuda Executive Services)

Prices vary depending on level of care needed.
Contact: Erica Fox-McKinnon
(441) 292-9690

Aerie Foundation

Non-profit faith based organization.
Home support services and personal care provided by qualified Continuing Care Assistants
(geriatric aides).
(441) 296-5054