Board members

Elizabeth Stewart

President & Founder

Elizabeth recognised the dire need for help and resources for those living with dementia after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 67, and died 11 years later. She founded AAD as a registered charity (929) in 2012. Her hope for the organisation is not only to provide valuable information, resources and advocacy, but also to motivate and inspire the community to improve the lives of people living with dementia in Bermuda. Elizabeth also works as senior vice president at Markel Bermuda Limited.

Rosemary Jones

Vice President & Communications

Rosemary Jones joined the AAD Board after her mother died in 2012 following a decade with Alzheimer’s disease. An author, journalist, editor and consultant, she currently handles public and media relations for AAD. She also works as communications manager for Bermuda's business development agency, the BDA.

Melissa Logie


Melissa joined the AAD Board in 2016. A chartered accountant, she is Manager of Finance at Zurich Insurance Company Bermuda, which made a 2014 donation to AAD enabling the charity to launch an art-therapy programme at Windreach Recreational Village. Melissa saw the success and impact of the programme and wanted to get involved. Since then, Zurich has continued to support AAD and most recently, the Zurich Foundation gave a donation to further expand these community activities. Melissa has run the Bermuda Day Half-Marathon to raise funds for AAD, and volunteers her time at AAD activities benefitting those living with dementia, as well as their families.

Laura West-Burt

Secretary & Compliance Officer

Laura joined the AAD Board in 2014, welcoming the opportunity to work with the charity to improve the lives of those affected by dementia in Bermuda. Laura comes from a financial background; she works as Corporate & Operations Manager of Notz, Stucki Management (Bermuda) Limited.

Joanna Heaney


Joanna Heaney is a registered general nurse with experience in critical-care intensive care, emergency room care, and hyperbaric and wound care—including the teaching of pressure ulcers prevention to healthcare providers. Her personal experience with Alzheimer's disease and care began with her grandmother who was diagnosed in 1981 and cared for within the family home until her death a decade later.

Grainne Richmond


Grainne joined the AAD Board in 2016. Her personal experience with Alzheimer's disease began in Ireland when her grandfather was misdiagnosed in the 1980s before his death, followed by the death of her best friend’s mother, also a dementia patient. An accountant and insurance manager, Grainne is President of the Bermuda Insurance Management Association and Vice President of an independent insurance manager based in Bermuda and Cayman.